andromeda center

 industrial design map pictograms wayfinding system

 Location Tychy Poland
 Project 2013 2014
 Realization 2014
 Surface 2.100 m²
 Project in cooperation of Bartłomiej Witański Aleksandra Krupa
 Photos by Sonia Świeżawska

The building of a former movie theater in Tychy was revitalized in 2012–2014. According to the architects’ vision, the internal space has been filled with distinct colors, raw concrete and a lot of glazing. The role of the visual identification system was to complete the new architecture in a non insistent manner.

As a result, a set including plates, a complex pictogram system, dedicated maps and markings of the compartments windows was obtained. Any information messages were developed in such a way so as to be as discreet as possible. Only two colors black and white were used.

The project for the carrier system included six kinds of plates: crosswise marking of the rest rooms, sign plaques at the doors, those in the corridors and stairway passages, tables with the complete map of the building and marking at the elevators and in the generally accessible space.

The set of the pictograms has been developed as supplementary to the visual identification system. In order to refer to the strong effect of the distinctive colors of the inside of the building, the marking also had to be very clear. Therefore, the authors decided to use pictograms of a non linear character. Filling the outside with colors gave them a graphic load and became amusing in character.

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