nikiszowiec walking path

 design map pictograms wayfinding system

 Locationa Katowice Poland
 Project 2014
 Status in course of implementetion
 Client Busienss Consulting
 Area 8,65 ha
 Project in cooperation of Bartłomiej Witański Aleksandra Krupa Jakub Cikała

Nikiszowiec is a historical district of Katowice. During the early years of its development (1908 – 1918) it was a settlement of miners working in the coal mine of Giesche. Now, this miners’ district is a tourist attraction of both the city of Katowice and the entire Silesian Voivoidship. The entire urban and spatial development (together with the “Pułaski” mine shaft of the Wieczorek coal mine), has been entered into the register of historical monuments.

All the tenant houses (called “familok” in the Silesian dialect) were built using clay bricks, therefore today they have a shade of reddish brown color. Another characteristic feature of the buildings are red window frames and recesses. Bearing these details in mind we have developed a system based on a very scarce color range, basically red, brown and white.

The order that we have received included designing a wayfinding system to be displayed along the walking paths around the Nikiszowiec district. We were expected to develop such carriers which would fit into the character and the layout of the incredible place.


For the purpose of the system, we have designed two authorial information carriers. These are pylons, the shape and color of which refer to the surrounding buildings. The bigger one is used to present the complete map of the sightseeing path, while the smaller one provides information on a particular point.

Each point along the path has its own pictogram – illustration. This results in a much clearer distinction of the object and makes the carrier more friendly and transparent.

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