touchscreen interface in the case of smart homes

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 Project 2013
 Project in progress
 Project in cooperation with Bartłomiej Witański

The application is a respond to the necessities of contemporary house dwellers: the need to save electricity, water and gas, be able to control particular home appliances and the entire in-house network while being away from home. This is supposed to reduce our expenditures and increase the safety of our homes.

The application is mainly addressed to those who want to have a more strict control over processes, devices and expenditures related to owning a house or an apartment.

The project includes such functions like: control over the whole network and devices; monitoring expenditures; personalization of all set ups; home safety systems (guards); statistics concerning expenditures, access to information on prices of particular media in particular parts of the day; messages; leaving and storing messages for other dwellers of the premise, weather forecasts, calendar, etc.

The graphic and functional design has been adjusted to two types of mobile devices. The first one, complete, is dedicated to tablets or other, specially arranged electronic devices with a display. The other one, meager, to be used with smartphones.

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