galeria katowicka mall

 industrial design map pictograms wayfinding system

 Location Katowice Poland
 Project 2014
 Realization 2014
 Client Ideas Box
 Surface 52.000 m²
 Project in cooperation of Bartłomiej Witański Aleksandra Krupa Jakub Cikała
 Photos by Sonia Świeżawska

The aim of the project was to design a wayfinding system within The “Galeria Katowicka” Mall. We were to define the wayfinding system in an innovative way and to fit it into the existing informative carriers (pylons, hanging billboards).

The color arrangement used for developing the system has been based on the wide range of colors already used by the “Galeria Katowicka” Mall and adjusted to the Oracle 641 combination of colors.

We had also decided to complete the system and therefore designed our own info carriers (such as inside and outside the elevators). The walls and other architectural elements were also included into these carriers.

For the requirements of the new system we have designed and developed about 100 pictograms. Their shapes and aesthetics have been adjusted to the formal, Carbon font of the “Galeria Katowicka” Mall. This enabled creating a complete harmonic and transparent whole of the entire typography.

Each of the storeys (floors) was given a different color code. This made it easier for the customers to find their destination and to identify the floor they actually were at the moment.

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