galeria katowicka

 leaflet map pictograms

 Project 2014
 Realization 2014
 Client Ideas Box
 Printout format 40 x 47cm
 Final format 10 x 20cm
 Project in cooperation of Bartłomiej Witański Aleksandra Krupa Jakub Cikała
 Photos by Sonia Świeżawska

Informational leaflet developed for clients who had problems with orientating in the Gallery (Mall). The leaflet includes opening and closing times, approaches (access roads, parking lots, etc.) and a plan of the entire building with locations of particular premises. Additionally, to facilitate finding a given shop, they were categorized into several groups such as e.g. footwear, clothing accessories, fashion, health and beauty, etc.

The leaflets have been printed on Munken Polar paper which made it possible to present the print as a very fine one. The paper is rough and perfectly absorbed all the printed colors. This effect make them look much better than similar guides frequently available at other shopping malls.

To meet the expectations of both the male and female parts of the clients two forms of leaflets have been proposed. One, addressed to ladies and the second one to gents. These leaflets differ in terms of the variety of shops and services.

Each storey has its own, easy to remember color code.

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