ktw center site log

 illustration infographics publication

 Location Katowice Poland
 Project 2013
 Client Ideas Box
 Edition 1000pcs
 Project in cooperation of Bartłomiej Witański Aleksandra Krupa Jakub Cikała

This, original in its form and content publication, is a record of reflections and memories of almost all the people engaged in this impressive investment of the new railway station in Katowice and the Katowice Gallery. Beginning with developing the tender documents through subsequent construction stages to the final handing over of each completed part of the entire object.

The publication consists of three folding posters joined into one edition by means of thick, cardboard covers. The outer part has been pressed in such a way to enable fastening it all together with two rubber bands. The coarse layout of the publication was intended to make it resemble an original site log, which quite often is of a draft and informal character.

Each of the posters was given its own, unique color: navy blue, turquoise and pink. These colors have been taken from the investor’s (Neiver) visual identification system.

A series of illustrations has also been prepared for the publication. These were funny, handmade drawings intended to refer to the informal and working form of the publication. The last poster has been designed in such a way that its internal part could be a kind of a memento for all who were given these posters and function as unique graphics. It consists of a set of illustrative infographics presenting events from the life of the construction site.

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