modo fashion house

 industrial design map pictograms wayfinding system

 Location Warsaw Poland
 Project 2015
 Realization 2015
 Client Devin Investments
 The whole structure + parking lot 28.000 m²
 Area for rent 16.000 m² 350 boutiques
 Project in cooperation of Bartłomiej Witański Aleksandra Krupa Jakub Cikała

The order concerned designing the elements of the wayfinding system within the extraordinary Modo Fashion House Mall in Warsaw. The challenge was the deadline for this project – it was one month only as well as the necessity to draw template designs which also are time consuming.

Because of a very peculiar character of the surfaces (such as numerous alleys uncommon for other Malls) our design had to include the concept of describing (marking) them. We decided to implement a variant derived from wayfinding system of city streets with intersections and pylons holding appropriate path finders. The shape of the pylons correspond with those on street intersections with sticking out road signs. The template design was developed based on easily accessible material and the necessity to complete the entire project very fast.

Modo Fashion House Mall only seemed to be a simple and easy to communicate structure. At the stage of architectural designing it was divided into three separate buildings: POP, BRAND and ART. In each of them are located premises arranged in a thematic order. The investor was interested in obtaining a very clear distinction of the surfaces. Therefore we decided to develop a color code which was next copied to the majority of the carriers.

The system was completed with original pictograms in the shape and graphic character referring to the official MODO fonts – the Houschka Rounded.

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