Walking route signage system

Giszowiec – walking route

Giszowiec, Katowice

The Giszowiec district in Katowice is famous for its unique workers’ colony bulidings, built in 1906–1910 for workers and their families – mainly from the Giesche mine. Some of these residential houses and public buildings have been preserved until today.


The City Council of Katowice decided to prepare (in cooperation wit us) a properly marked walking route in the district . Each point on the route is marked by a unique information carrier with a “window” through which you can see the monument or its characteristic fragment in the best perspective. This is a clear reference to a characteristic element of many buildings there – tiny windows through which one would like to look inside. The shape, proportions and colours of the carriers are also not random. Here you can also find references to the surrounding architecture (e.g. the colour ratio of typical residential buildings: always white, with red roofs). We managed to fit into the surrounding landscape.

Location: Katowice, Poland
Project: 2019
Implementation: 2020
Client: Business Consulting
Area: 10 ha
Designers: Bartłomiej Witański, Aleksandra Krupa, Justyna Batko, Martyna Berger
Foto: Michał Jędrzejowski