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Student dormitory – Chill Inn

Student dormitory – Chill Inn

Chill Inn is a new place in the center of Łódź – a private dormitory for those who are looking for convenience in a beautiful setting and a top location. The perfect combination of high living standards and an original design – all of these make for the perfect college environment. Here, you will find beautiful rooms with high standards, a shared learning area, a chill and meeting zone, a bicycle and car parking lot, and a laundry and drying room. College life is normally associated with joy and carefree fun. When developing a coherent visual information and identification system for this place, we kept these values in mind. Our goal was to create graphics that would complement the character and purpose of the dormitory and, at the same time, be interesting and put people in a good mood.During the design process, we have created an original branding system based on illustrations, as well as building’s signage system based on the branding.


These visual illustrations relate to the space in which they are placed – they make the dormitory a welcoming and comfortable place where people can gather and celebrate. The graphics are characterized by smooth, abstract lines, a tasteful color palette, and playfully compliment different spaces inside and outside the building.


There are two very distinctive typefaces accompanying the graphics: decorative and with spirit Cako (VJ Type) and san-serif, but full of distinguishing features Lyyra Extended (Schick Toikka). In combination with the illustrations, they create a unique atmosphere and give the space a unique character.


Creating a 3D design of information carriers was as important as creating graphic design. We have selected materials that complement the visual identification based on previously selected color schemes. We have chosen to use mass-colored MDF. They appear both in large-format digits and in directional carriers, which are complemented by interesting, engraved patterns. When combined with illustrations, typography, and colors, it creates a coherent visual language.

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Location: Lodz, Poland
Project: 2021
Implementation: 2021
Client: Revisit Home Sp z o.o.
Area: around 4.800 m2 
Designers: Bartłomiej Witański, Aleksandra Krupa, Martyna Berger, Martyna Piątek, Dobrosława Rafalska
Foto: Follow The Flow