Wayfinding system

Rajska and Heweliusz in Gdansk

Office-residential building Rajska Heweliusza in Gdansk
System informacji wizualnej w budynku biurowo-mieszkalnym Rajska Heweliusza w Gdańsku

Rajska 8 Apartments are the residential part of a complex being developed at the very heart of Gdańsk, on a site between the Radunia Canal, Mercure hotel and the Madison Shopping Centre. Together with an adjacent office building, the investment represents a unique revitalization project of an important part of historic center of a major Polish agglomeration. The minimalistic architectural design by JEMS Architects works perfectly with the surrounding buildings. The signage system we have designed is consistent with the architects’ vision and the toned-down style of the interiors. When designing the visual communication, we made sure that it would not dominate the interior architecture. In our design, we have decided to refer to the investment logotypes (color), to choose an interesting typeface and prepare an original set of pictograms.


The process included creating graphic and industrial design elements for both parts of the complex (residential part and office part).


Location: Gdańsk, Polska
Project: 2017–2018
Implementation: 2019
Client: Apollo Rida

Area: 40 000 m2
Designers: Bartłomiej Witański, Aleksandra Krupa, Weronika Mehr, Adrianna Sowińska
Foto: Bogna Kociumbas

Wayfinding system for office & residential building Rajska & Heweliusza in Gdansk