Design process

When working on a new space, we always use the “Design Thinking” method. Thanks to our unique design process, we can determine the single user’s actual needs.

What is more, an in-depth behavior analysis of users allows us to provide attractive and effective solutions for every building or space. When designing, we are not afraid to reach for all possible tools for message visualization like a sheet of paper, pencil, felt-tip pen, paint, 3D printing or unusual execution materials. This approach allows us to develop creative solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our clients.

The designing process consists of a few fundamental elements. Brief/offer – allows us to know our client’s expectations. Idea/Concept – the moment we introduce a project outline to our client so that he/she can meet its main assumptions. The next step is followed by main design works i.e. preparation of the entire graphic design in 2D and a 3D industrial design, preparation of technical drawings and estimated costs analysis. During the project implementation, we also provide author’s supervision, ensuring that the executive process is carried out by the design assumptions.

1brief / offer
4cost estimate