We are Blank Studio.
We design wayfinding systems,   infographic,   exhibition,   branding,   editorial.


iF Design Award
(2017) Winner
Joseph Binder Award
(2016) Silver (2018) Distinction
European Design Award
(2016) Bronze (2018) Finalist (2020) Bronze
(2022) Silver + Finalist
Muzeum Widzialne
(2015) 3rd place
German Design Award
German Design Award
(2017) Nomination
(2020) 1×Gold + 1×Winner
Śląska Rzecz
(2014–2015) Nomination (2018) 3×Nominations
(2019) Winner + Nomination
Projekt Roku STGU
(2017) Nomination + Winner
(2018) 3×Nominations
Architizer A+ Award
(2016) Finalist
Polish Graphic Design
(2017) Distinction (2019) Distinction + Nominee
(2021) Distinction + Winner
(2015) Nominee (2016) Nominee
(2018) Finalist
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We work with given space. We underline its character and bring out its function.


We create visual communication and make it as simple as possible.

Blank Studio is a multi-award-winning design studio from Tychy, Poland. We are one of the few companies in Poland and Europe that specializes exclusively in designing complex wayfinding systems for various public spaces.

Design process

We use Design Thinking to understand the problems, needs and behavior of the user.

Thanks to our unique design process we can determine the user’s actual needs. What is more, an in-depth behavior analysis of users allows us to provide attractive and effective solutions for every space.

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