silesian museum

 industrial design maps pictograms wayfinding system

design spaces

Both architecture and visual identity systems must reflect the character of the space and emphasize its functions. They should be user friendly and, similarly to architecture, act in the background. A good wayfinding system is transparent however emphasizing the context of the user.

the galeria katowicka

 industrial design maps pictograms wayfinding system



visual creativity

Designing is not only the work done with the support of a computer. During the designing procedure we are not afraid of implementing any available means of visualizing messages – be it a sheet of paper, felt pen or pencil and paint – whatever enables developing creative ideas.

the andromeda mall

 industrial design maps pictograms wayfinding system

design thinking

When working with our customers we use the Design Thinking Method – we do our best to obtain information enabling us to understand the problems, needs and behavior of the future user. Regardless of the subject of the design we always pay attention to fully concentrate on the requirements of the target group.

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