Primary School No. 1 in Tychy

Jubilee of the Primary School No. 1 in Tychy
System identyfikacji wizualnej z okazji 220 lecia istnienia szkoły podstawowej nr 1 w Tychach

The presented project is a small visual identification created for the oldest school in Tychy – on the occasion of the 220th anniversary of the establishment of this institution. As suggested by the client, the logotype contained all key information, i.e. the name of the school, the opening year and the year of the anniversary. Due to the very sublime atmosphere of the anniversary, we have decided that the colors used for identification should be noble but discreet – all materials were therefore prepared by using metallic, copper-colored paint applied by screen printing method.

Location: Tychy, Poland
Project: 2014
Implementation: 2014
Client: Primary School No. 1
Designer: Bartłomiej Witański
Foto: Sonia Świeżawska