Wayfinding system

The Marshal Office of the Voivodeship of Silesia

The Marshal Office of the Voivodeship of Silesia

The building at Dąbrowskiego 23 Street belongs to the Marshal Office complex of five buildings. Moving around the building can be a difficult experience for the user due to the building’s size and the complexity of its structures. The dynamics of changes taking place in the location of sub-units (within the floor, sector, room) caused information boards cease to create a consistently guided, logical system.


The system designed by us assumed flexibility and should prevent any arbitrarily introduced changes. Economical solutions and easy replacement of individual elements are the guarantors here. Due to the richness of information and its variable nature, we have created a modular system of interchangeable plates. This solution enables the usage of the system and increases its flexibility. It also reduces costs of possible updates and changes. Due to the connecting element between the plates, one can easily exchange the modules with text information.

Location: Katowice, Poland
Project: 2018
Implementation: before
Client: The Marshal Office of the Voivodeship of Silesia

Designers: Bartłomiej Witański, Aleksandra Krupa, Justyna Batko, Hanna Grabowska