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TBC is technologycal company which exist for its users, knows them and cares for them, with its sollutions it often appears in the daily lives of people. TBC always strive to adapt to the needs of the customer and create an experience based on simplicity. In the process of developing digital products and channels, TBC has evolved into a free, authentic, innovative brand. TBC developed its own approach to designing the best customer experiences for all its directions. Together, the design and development teams are creating design systems for its products and digital experiences.

With the TBCx Design Language as its foundation, teams are able to have access to global principles, guidelines, and components that form the basis of a design system. It includes elements such as the design language, visual identity, typography, color palette, Iconography and other design elements. They are used to create a consistent look and feel across all digital experiences. These foundations ensure that all design decisions align with the company’s brand and user-centered design principles, and provide a foundation for designers and developers.


Prepared iconography is the high-quality and consistent set of over 250 pixel-perfect linear icons, divided into 12 categories. They can be used on websites, apps, social networks, and other promotional materials. Pictograms can also be used in the real world, such as for office space directions, meeting room, room numbers, cafes, and ATMs, as well as signs for specific themes in branches and collaboration spaces. The solution is based on the TBCx typography, taking inspiration from its smooth and rounded main shape. It is simple and minimalistic, with a consistent structure to maintain harmony and balance throughout. With an inclusive approach, the icons are based on well-known mental models and patterns for ease of understanding. Additionally, they are functional and clear in their design. Icons can be used in a variety of forms and colours (shades of blue and navy blue, with or without an additional background) and still be consistent with the TBC branding rules.


The default size for icons is 24px and all icons are created with this size. That’s why the amount of details in each icon is limited to the minimum. It’s is tricky, but it made us think about the simplest mental model for each of them. Icons that utilize a 24×24 pixel base grid have a 20px live area, with 2px padding on all sides for and optical sizing.

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia
Project: 2022
Implementation: 2022–2023
Client: TBC Bank JSC
Designers: Bartłomiej Witański, Aleksandra Krupa

TBC blank studio icon design rules
TBC blank studio icon grid
TBC blank studio author's icons
TBC blank studio icon design in use
TBC blank studio icon design set
TBC blank studio linear icon design
TBC blank studio icon design in use
TBC blank studio icon design