Wayfinding system

Estetyczna 4 office building

Estetyczna 4 office building
System informacji wizualnej w biurowcu Estetyczna w Tychach

Estetyczna 4 Office is a small modern office center with “industrial PRL soul”. The building housed the headquarters of Telekomunikacja Polska and the former headquarters of Poczta Polska.


Our work consisted of graphic and industrial designs for all information carriers. We have also ensured that the marking of many buttons and access devices situated in public corridor spaces and on the staircase are both interesting and easy to understand for users. By supplementing the system with a proprietary set of linear pictograms (inspired by the logotype of the building), we have created a coherent and minimalist marking which facilitates the use of all building functions.


Location: Tychy, Poland
Project: 2016
Implementation: 2016
Client: Infolab
Area: 1377 m2
Designers: Bartłomiej Witański, Aleksandra Krupa, Jakub Cikała
Foto: Sonia Świeżawska

Wayfinding system in Estetyczna office building in Tychy
Wayfinding system in Estetyczna office building in Tychy