Wayfinding system

Galeria Katowice mall

Galeria Katowicka mall
System informacji wizualnej w Galerii Katowickiej

Galeria Katowicka (Katowicka Mall) is one of the largest and most recognizable shopping centers in the Silesian Agglomeration characterized by bright, colorful and friendly interiors and modern architecture. We have started designing the wayfinding system about six months after the opening of the Mall. Therefore, our role was to develop for customers a new way to move around Galeria Katowicka (Katowicka Mall) and to adapt the designed messages to information carriers that were already in the building.


For the system to be complete and effective, we also had to design our own boards (e.g. in elevators). Using friendly, contrasting colors and an extensive group of original pictograms (adapted to the official GK typeface), we have created a distinctive visual language that distinguishes itself from the typical commercial interior elements.


Location: Katowice, Poland
Project: 2014
Implementation: 2014
Client: Ideas Box
Area: 52.000 m²
Designers: Bartłomiej Witański, Aleksandra Krupa, Jakub Cikała
Foto: Sonia Świeżawska

System informacji wizualnej w Galerii Katowickiej
System informacji wizualnej w Galerii Katowickiej