Wayfinding system

Tkalnia in Pabianice

Tkalnia shopping center in Pabianice

One of the main assumptions when designing visual information system for the Tkalnia shopping center in Pabianice was to ensure consistency with the commercial and industrial character of the place (built on the grounds of old weaving factories). For this purpose, we have designed a set of carriers in a more industrial, loft style. They correspond with the interior architecture and used materials (metal, openwork elements, narrowed colors, etc.). The corresponding and slightly industrial graphic layer was combined with the industrial design project.

Location: Pabianice, Polska
Project: 2019
Implementation: 2019
Client: Tkalnia Sp. z o.o.

Area: 12 000 m+ outside 
Designers: Bartłomiej Witański, Aleksandra Krupa, Justyna Batko, Martyna Berger
Foto: Paulina Orawczak