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Wydma & Las in Jastarnia

Wydma & Las in Jastarnia
Wydma & Las Jastarnia Hel wayfinding

Wydma & Las is a new residential and holiday development in Jastarnia. It is a project being developed by the Tri-City company Euro Styl (Dom Development group). Its location is truly holiday – the facility is located a few hundred metres behind the dense resort buildings, by the main road running through the Hel Peninsula, but also right next to a forest. In addition to the buildings, the complex also includes infrastructure such as a football and beach volleyball pitch and a forest playground.


In preparation for the signage project for the site, we decided on simple information carriers that would blend in with the landscape and architecture. They mostly consist of two contrasting materials: architectural concrete and metal elements powder-coated in a deep green colour. The graphic part is based on a distinctive typography – ABC Favorit Lining (Dinamo Typefaces), a font whose characteristic feature is a specially designed ‘underline’.


For the use alongside the typography, we have also prepared a set of proprietary pictograms and, to tie them more closely together, they too feature a distinctive underline. The messages presented on the information media are friendly and casual – we wanted to emphasize the holiday atmosphere of the space.

Location: Jastarnia, Poland
Project: 2023
Implementation: 2023
Client: Euro Styl
Area: around 1,34 ha
Designers: Bartłomiej Witański, Aleksandra Krupa, Martyna Berger, Dobrosława Rafalska, Oliwia Otręba
Photo: Andrzej Łopata

Wydma & Las Jastarnia Hel wayfinding
Wydma & Las Jastarnia reception signage
Wydma & Las Jastarnia map design
Wydma & Las Jastarnia icons